Italians Working in the USA

Become a More Effective and Confident Communicator in the American Workplace

Are you worried that you are unable to reach your full potential here, simply because of your American English Communication skills?

Are you embarrassed by your accent, or because you are unsure how to pronounce certain words?

Do you struggle to communicate in the same concise manner that Americans do?

Are you unsure how to communicate with your colleagues to develop more satisfying relationships at work?

I can help YOU to:

I help Italian professionals in the USA become effective communicators able to express themselves with confidence and clarity so they can that job, promotion, or salary increase that they deserve!

Focus on the Communication Skills You Need, Not Only the Language

You have probably already tried to improve your English on your own.

You may have spent a lot of money on advanced English programs.  You may have tried to improve by watching American movies, reading books, and practicing speaking with native speakers. 

But you still aren’t able to communicate in an effective and confident manner at work.

That’s because you have been studying all the aspects of the English language, instead of focusing on the communication skills necessary to excel in your career.

It's like when your doctor tells you that should  increase your intake of Vitamin C.  You could take a multivitamin and get some Vitamin C, or you can simply take Vitamin C pills  to focus on that one need.

It's the same with mastering the communication skills required for your job.

Focusing on your communication skills takes a lot less time and effort than taking general ESL classes.  It is more effective and efficient.

Now is the time for you to focus on what you really need!