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The Communication- American Style program is for those who want to become more effective and confident communicators in the American workplace  It is based on a proven methodology comprised of 3 modules.  

Pillar 1: Communicating in the direct, concise style used by Americans.  

Pillar 2:  Adapting your communication style (register) for the person(s) with whom you are communicating.  

Pillar 3:  Clarifying your communication 

Each session is designed to build your vocabulary and help you understand what you need to do to tailor your communications specifically for an American business environment. 

Pronunciation & Accent Reduction 

In just 8 sessions you will be able to master the sounds of American English that do not exist in Italian.  You will be capable of identifing where to put the stress in words and sentences, and how to use intonation to further express your meaning.  Finally, you will be adept at deciphering those streams of language Americans tend to make.  Most importantly, you will have reduced your accent so that others can better understand you,

Additional Services Available

I have also prepared clients for new careers by helping them create an American resume and prepare for interviews and presentations.  Read the review by my client Roberta to learn about her success!

"Working with Deborah has been a really wonderful experience for me.  She helped me create a great resume, and prepared me well for my job interviews.  I felt much more confident and capable going to my interviews after we worked together. Debbie is dedicated, reliable, patient, and fun to work with.  And the proof was in my results.  I got the job I wanted!  Thank you, Debbie!"-Roberta Nardi, Jan. 10, 2022 

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