Meet Deborah

Deborah Cortigiani, also known as Debbie, has made it her mission to improve the lives of newcomers to the USA by improving their American English communication skills. Through improved communication skills, Debbie's clients have been able to grow their careers and make better lives for themselves and their families.

Debbie has over 25 years experience preparing others in American English. She has taught and coached students of all ages, including adults in colleges, universities, and in businesses, everything from general to professional English. Debbie has also worked in corporate America in the field of marketing.

In addition to possessing a Master of Business Education from Boston University , she also has a Master of Language Education from Rutgers University with state certification in both English and Italian.

She was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and became enamored with Italy after spending years studying Italian at the University of Michigan. She also studied and lived in Florence, Italy where she met Marco, her husband of almost 30 years. They live together in New Jersey, right outside New York City, and have raised two bilingual young adults, Matthew and Julia.

In her free time Debbie likes to exercise, bake and travel (especially throughout Italy), and meet people from other countries.

On May 1st, together with StragicA Communication's Francesca Di Matteo and Claudia Carbone, Attorney at Law, we created the 1st Edition of the Italian Community Resource Fair in New York City at Keste'!